Remolding you like Clay - From the Ground Up - Inside and Out

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Welcome! My name is Casey Clay a Pilates and XBike instructor with three beautiful children and a supportive husband. I've been a stay-at-home mother for 7 wonderful years, but now i am ready to start a career that meets my lifestyle goals and that I am passionate about. After giving birth to my twins, Brayden and Keira, 7 years ago I needed to loose weight and get in shape. I had gained 70lbs and was not happy with how I felt or looked (pictures will come soon.) My journey towards wellness began with a change in diet. I was introduced to the South Beach Diet which I still kind of follow the principles to this day. Once I had my eating under control and no longer craved unhealthy, processed foods I began running and exercising at the gym. Running and going to the gym was GREAT! I found a part of me that 7 years later continues to feed my soul. My true passions are running and yoga, but I'm down for doing just about any exercise. Most of my Facebook pages and blogs that I follow are on recipes for healthy whole foods, Yoga and Pilate's instructors, exercise articles and of course inspirational quotes. I read up on anything that has to do with wellness =) I look forward to sharing with you the bits and pieces that keep me going as a fit and healthy mother, wife and friend!